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Amazon Pay users are Amazon users in their daily life in principle. They get used to Amazon UI/UX, and they like experiences provided by Amazon. Thus, implemenating Amazon Pay on your site with Amazon-like UI/UX fits Amazon Pay users' intuition, and leads to success.

In addition, Amazon Pay is not only one of several payment services in the market, but it actually provides buyer information (such as email address, billing address, phone number), shipping address and payment instruments. Because of such nature, we can provide you with advantages as below;

  • Buyer email address, billing address and phone number

→ You can use these information to fill in your member signup form to reduce buyer's manual input load as much as possible. If you integrate Amazon SignIn at the same time, buyer even doesn't need to remember your website's ID and Password as they can sign-in your site with Amazon ID and Password from next time.

  • Shipping address

→ You can use this information as a shipping address for purchased products, so buyer no longer needs to input their shipping address in the form on your site. In addition, you will be subject to Amazon a-z guarantee policy by using shipping address provided by Amazon.

  • Payment instrument

→ You can use this information as buyer's payment instrument (information is securely masked), and buyer no longer needs to input sensitive information like credit card numbers on your site.

Because most of necessary information for checkout is provided by Amazon Pay, you can simplify the flow by removing unnecessary pages such as address input form page and provides better buyer experiences. Consequently it reduces buyer abandonment rate and increases conversion rate.

In order to explain you how to integrate Amazon Pay on your website while maximizing it's feature, we prepared sample flow diagram. Sample flow shows a combination of screen images and processes performed by merchant and Amazon Pay. So you can start planning your new checkout flow and integration from today!

Flow variations

There are 6 flows available;

1. General flow

It shows a flow from Amazon Pay button click to Checkout complete for one time payment.

2. APB flow

It shows a flow for Additional Payment Button.

3. Guest checkout + sign-up flow

You can integrate Amazon Pay for guest buyer. However, you may also want buyer to sign-up in checkout flow at the same time. This flow explains how to integrate Amazon Pay for guest buyer and sign-up.

4. Existing member buyer flow

It shows several Amazon Pay integration ideas for existing member buyers.

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