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2 step Amazon Pay integration

Below explains steps to integration 2-step Amazon Pay for OneTime and Recurring checkout.

Demo site

Check 2-step Amazon Pay checkout flow on our demo site.

Integration Guide


FAQ site is only available in Japanese.


SDKs and sample codes for PHP, Java, .NET(C#), Node.js, Ruby and Perl

Integration steps

Follow steps below to integrate Amazon Pay.

Test your integration

Test your end-to-end workflow and downstream processes in Sandbox, to make sure you’re handling both success and failure scenarios before going live. Open the link below to learn about what you should test your integration.

Merchant test

Take your integration live

Once test is fully complete, you will take your integraiton live. Open the link below to learn about what you have to do to take your integration live.

Take your integration live

After launch operation

You may want to check live transactions in our portal (Seller Central) or perform subsequent settlement processes. Open a link below to learn about how to use Seller Central and things to know for managing transactions in live.

After launch operation