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Checkout Session

What's Checkout Session?

Checkout Session represents a single active session (or engagement) for the buyer on your website.
Amazon initiates the session by creating Checkout Session object.

Checkout Session object has checkoutSessionId as a unique key.

Checkout Session holds following information

  • checkoutSessionId
  • OneTime or Recurring type
  • Amazon buyer information such as email address, phone number and billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Payment instrument (instrument)
  • Checkout amount
  • Status
  • TimeStamps
  • Linked chargePermissionId
  • Linked chargeId


See Address and Payment instrument Detail for more detail about shipping address and payment instrument.


Checkout Session expires after certain period.


Expires after 24 hours

If the buyer logs in with Amazon Pay, but didn't complete checkout using Amazon Pay within 24 hours, Checkout Session will be automatically Canceled. You cannot recycle canceled Checkout Session.

More detail

See Integration Guide - Checkout Session for more detail as needed.